Wedding package

Satisfy your Guests with Wedding Package

You don’t have enough space and foods for your wedding guests. Then, you should not worry about it. Wedding packagecake recipe is the best choice for wedding ceremony and reception. It is often provided by big hotels. This wedding service includes the menus for guests and family, accommodation, venue, and honeymoon package and destination choices. Wedding preparation will be helped very much if you rely on the best bridal package.

Wedding package Classification

Wedding package is divided into some classes according to the budget. The classification varied from the most affordable wedding service to the most extravagant ones. With a careful consideration, you can decide the most appropriate bridal package. The brides and grooms will be totally happy as their guests are well-served with delicious varied menus, comfortable and mesmerizing venue, and the humble and friendly service.

Enjoy the Humble Wedding package of Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

Wedding package can be found anywhere around the world. For instance, if you want to celebrate your wedding reception in Jakarta, Indonesia, Shangri-La Hotel provides you many choices of bridal package. The wedding service in Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta is varied into four classes: elegance, glamour, indulgence, and extravagance. Let’s take a look at one of them: Elegance Buffet Wedding services. This package includes services for wedding preparation, reception, wedding service for the bridegroom and family, and buffet menus for the guests. This awesome package costs IDR 468,000 per person.

Impress Your Guests with Bellagio Wedding package

Bellagio Wedding package offers you two Options: Seasonal Offers and distinctive package. Let’s take a look at the Deluxe Bridal package, one of Bellagio’s distinctive packages. By reserving this package, you will get service in Chapel which includes inclusive Chapel Photography. Brides’ needs are also accomplished. The documentation will be handled by the professionals as your wedding will also be broadcasted live on the Internet. The guests will be satisfied with the wonderful services: menus, life music, and photo session with the bridegroom and souvenir. Pay USD 2,000.00-2,500.00 to experience a wonderful wedding with Bellagio.

So, having wedding is a great blessing as you will have a long lifetime friend. Your love will be blessed by your friends, families, colleagues, and even the world. Share your happiness with them and make them feel your blissful love. Bridal wedding package is here to lend you a helping hand. As you are all helped, your guests and family will have the same satisfaction too.

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Wedding package
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