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Create your own Wedding Guestbook!

Marriage is one of the most sacred moments in the life of every human being. You definitely want to have something special and unique and unforgettable. After the wedding ceremony finished, wanted that remains is the wonderful memories that someday you enjoy as a couple, even to your children and grandchildren. In addition to wedding invitations, wedding favors, wedding photos and video, of course, wedding guestbook is also one thing that you save along with pre wedding albums, photo albums, etc. Guestbook is a mandatory requirement on your wedding ceremony. Well, for you who want anti mainstream guestbook, you can create your own guestbook. Here is wedding guestbook idea.

How to create wedding guestbook?

Before making wedding guestbook, the first thing you must do is make the guestbook design. You can create designs in Ms. Word. You can design a guestbook in the form of boxes, not table such as guest books in general, in order to make it look different and not mainstream. The box contains the name, address, and a speech to the bride. In order to look more attractive guest book, you can provide a blank space for a photo attached. You can insert photos of your pre-wedding in the guestbook. To the front of the guest book, you can also use your pre-wedding photo in sketch form. It is interesting isn’t it?

After determining the design, the next step in making personalized wedding guestbook is printing and finishing. Before starting to make, you need to prepare the tools and materials: paper for guestbook (you can use color A4 HVS 90 gram), thick cardboard to cover, paper coatings cardboard to cover (you can use cardboard color), trimmer material (tape, yarn, etc.), engaging material (glue and double-sided tape), and tools for cutting (cutter, scissors, and ruler), and a printer.

The first step in making wedding guestbook is to print all pages guest book. After the contents of the page finished, you need to create a book cover. Cut the cardboard the size of A4 paper, and then, paste paper coatings. Next, attach the ribbon as decoration. After that, you need to bind a book; you can select bind in the form of ring. Once bound, attach pre-wedding photos to the guestbook page. To finish, you can give a ribbon.

Beautiful Pen for Guestbook

As stationery for your wedding guestbook, you can buy black pen in general and then decorate it with a ribbon. The pen is simple but looks very beautiful.

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